Audience granted to Mrs Anna Sherburn by the Minjec

Audience granted to Mrs Anna Sherburn, Deputy head of the countering violent extremism unit at the Commonwealth Secretariat, by the Minjec

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During the CHOGM 2015 in Malta, the heads of goverments acknowledged the serious threat posed by the increasing violent extremism to security, social harmony and economic development to our societies. As to this effect, the settled on creating a dedicated Commonwealth capacity to counter violent extremism and provide a mandate to countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Unit in January 2017.

Following the mandate given by the leaders in Malta 2015 during their summit, the Countering Violent Extremism Unit was put in place within the Commonwealth Secretariat to support national strategies to counter voilent extremism. In the year 2017, the head of the Countering Violent Extremism Unit head Mr. Mark Albon visited Cameroon in 2017 so as to determine the scope of possible assistance on countering violent extremism in Cameroon. These in all led to the creation of a National Center to Counter youth violence and extremism and promote peace.

Considering the above mentioned, Mrs. Anna SHERBURN, has decided to make a stop over at the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education especially as the youths a mostly the main targeted population to be easily instigated to violence.

During the audience, both partie were happy to meet each other and to discuss long lasting attention to this preocupying ill that is fast gaining grounds today in our society. Minister Mounouna Foutsou on his part made the delegation understand that, his ministerial department was already at work to combat the voilent extremism ; this through the creation of the Cameroon National Counsel which is there to sensitise the youths and their civic responsibility and to mediate between the youths, goverment officials and other developmental partner ensuring a peace and harmonious living together.

The putting in place already of structures in Cameroon to combate voilent extremism was an idea greatly appreciated by the visiting delegation. They on their part promised to work in close collaboration with the ministry so as to effectively implement the priority areas such as ; dialogue and conflict prvention, reinforcement of good governance and the respect for human rights, gender equality and women autonomy, education, capacity building and job offers, strategic communication, internet and social network amongst others.

Given that youths constitute a faction of the population mostly lured into joining violent extremist groups and as well constitute the most affected, appropriate measures have to be taken in order to deter them from integrating such dangerous groups.

At the end, discussions between both parties centered on the support mechanism to put in place by the Commonwealth Secretariat Countering Violent Extremism unit and to develop new narratives of the unit.

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